My camera roll: March 2016

I had my photos from March edited and ready to post before April Fools’ Day, but somehow I got too busy to even sit down and arrange the photos. March was packed with deadlines and submissions and I’m glad I got past them.

  • Starting to remember my outfit options better with these mirror selfies
  • Breaking out my new Asos loot
  • Mojito and other drinks with the boys while watching soccer………. I know
  • Hanging at CHIJMES – it looked real pretty at night
  • White white and more white… & denim
  • Dressing nice for an editorial meeting back at the ITL office
  • Cup noodles to fuel me for late nights
  • Sweater weather?
  • The beautiful view along the expressway on the way to school in the morning
  • Puffy faces in the morning – way too early (7.30am)
  • My homemade lunch when I was alone at home while the family was at Penang
  • Drive-thru McDonald’s after work one day while my family was away
  • McSpicy – the most sinful indulgence from Macs hahaha
  • White + pastel blue + embroidered daisies on my skirt (how girly)
  • The number of coupons I used when I parked at the office of a whole day lol gosh
  • Going out for dinner with Jieyu + Jia in celebration of Jieyu’s birthday 🙂
  • Having Yoogane Korean chicken for dinner. Yum yums.
  • Matching my white casual shoes on every outfit
  • When picking my grandma up for dinner at her flat
  • Trying out my new shoes… which are too small and tight 🙁 #nooo
  • In the changing room at Zara. This collared dress is so cute I want ittttttttt.
  • Attended the PR Awards 2016 while live tweeting the results
  • It was an eyeopener, plus I got to dress up for the event 🙂
  • Woke up early so I got to go for breakfast with my parents on Good Friday 🙂
  • Rachel brought over liusha croissants for snacks from BreadTalk – real good stuffffff
  • The cousins + Yibo enjoying some roller coaster perspective videos
  • I get chocolate waffles from The Deck so often these days – the only quick lunch fix before work
  • Indulged in a large llao llao with Yibo and the rest of the boys after dinner at Hwangs 😮
  • I really love my blacks and greys don’t I?
  • The sister cooked up some yummy army stew for dinner YUMS.

Through last month I’ve also gotten into the flow of things at my internship. It’s my first internship, and my first time in a journalist job. It’s really interesting so far and I think I am getting the hang of things – sending out newsletters through the portal, processing press releases and looking for news-worthy angles for our publication. If anything, I think this final semester in NUS has gotten me more certain on my decision to pursue writing more professionally.

April will be my final, final month in university, and as of now, I don’t see myself returning to school in the near future. So I guess April is the month to say farewell to lectures, tutorials, and school work. I started the semester feeling real jittery and scared that it was my final semester, but I think now I’ve gotten to a place where I still feel scared, but at the same time excited for what the future might bring.


With love,