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That time at Bill’s

Bill’s started out as a small green grocery store in Lewes, East Sussex, which expanded into a cafe in a few years, which became largely popular and successful.

Today, Bill’s has multiple branches all around London, across the United Kingdom. They serve meals from breakfast to bedtime, including everything in between.

I’ve heard great things about Bill’s, especially through watching Zoella’s vlogs. The food looked so good I wanted to try it out once I was in London. Thankfully Hazel had tried the place before and recommended it as well, so we decided to try it out one of the weekends.

Bill’s pink lemonade (£3.50)

The atmosphere at the restaurant was really nice and chill, the servers were really polite and nice too! Although it was the weekend, it wasn’t crazy crowded, and we managed to get a little cosy table in the corner. Unfortunately the restaurant was pretty dimly lit because we were sitting inside the building, so the photos were all pretty dark.

I forgot what this is called but it’s sausage + mash.
Bill’s breakfast (£7.95)
Bill’s fish pie (£12.95)

The prices were pretty reasonable and tasted good for a brunch. My Bill’s breakfast looked pretty small in photo but it was actually really filling. The restaurant atmosphere was also great for gatherings and catching up over meals 🙂 It is a great place to enjoy chill time during the weekends over brunch.

Bill’s menu had a much larger selection that I did not get a chance to explore. Would love to be back to try out the other things they have. Bill’s is open 7 days a week and you also get to reserve a table conveniently on the website.

Bill’s Restaurant (Holborn)

42 Kingsway, Holborn WC2B 6EY
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 0800 – 2300; Sun 0900 – 2230

Free WiFi available!!!

With love,