My camera roll: April 2016

This month was really dull in the ‘leisure & entertainment’ category, but breaking records in the ‘work & study’ department.

  • Wearing my brand new purchase from Asos
  • Having Ichiban Boshi in celebration of Jia’s birthday. Could eat Japanese food all day.
  • Sitting by the Marina Bay and looking out at Singapore’s beautiful CBD at night
  • Toilet selfies. Even the toilets in MBS look fancy-pants.
  • Wearing shorts is a rare luxury when you have to dress work-appropriate all week!
  • Yb bought us lunch while we were studying at his house
  • The view out of the window at the office stairway
  • Sure am wearing those white sneakers a lot ey?
  • Casual ootd for lunch dates with the parents
  • Making memories along my way home from NUS
  • Making memories with the best tutorial group from my journalism mod this sem
  • Making memories with a great bunch of CNM mates I met only this sem
  • Lift selfies before going to pick Tung up from school
  • Snapchat filters are on point ft. my favourite filter (it all makes your skin look amazing)
  • McDonald’s delivery for breakfast in the office with the team 😛
  • Taking memorable shots of the office reception area before my last day
  • Having a wonderful last day of lessons in NUS with my new found friend Manali 🙂
  • Brochure designs for school submissions. I think I impressed myself.
  • Mirror selfies in the library. CLB mugging this reading week with the boys.
  • Beautiful pre-sunset skies from my bus ride home. Will miss these views and my long bus rides.
  • Our favourite go-to for takeaway dinners.
  • A photo-worthy old school building near my office
  • When picking up Daddy from his office after work
  • My farewell lunch at Sushi Tei with the editorial team for my last day of internship :’)
  • Taking medicine from the doctor once in many many years
  • How my reading week looked for every single day
  • My view when studying at CLB. There’s a first and last for everything.
  • McDonald’s at Engineering for dinner. Alfresco dining and long conversations.
  • Another mirror selfie at the CLB *tired*


Everyone said I was nuts for taking on a part-time internship amidst a full semester. But I say I couldn’t have made a better decision! My internship at Marketing Magazine was challenging and fulfilling at the same time, and it gave me a really enriching experience into the world of editorial and news. Nevertheless I’m glad I got the internship out of the way just in time to tackle exams.

April also saw me go through my last week of lessons in NUS, as I sum up my last university semester with only two more exams to go. I’ve met such lovely people from my major this semester, and hell it makes me wonder where they have been during my whole university life! They’re all such nice people that I wish I wasn’t graduating so soon. But we will keep in touch 🙂

I guess it’s a bittersweet farewell to university. I don’t think I have a really deep attachment to NUS, but the memories are still precious nevertheless. The people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learnt and all the little ups and downs I experienced, they will go a long way with me as I step out into the real world. It frightens me as much as it excites me, but we shall see what post-graduation does for me!

The month of May will be all reserved to myself, to take a break after studying. I’m also hoping to book a flight somewhere and enjoy a getaway, so we’ll see how that pans out too!

With love,