nus graduation

My last ever exam in NUS

Sitting in the hall, seeing the clock tick away, counting down the very last minutes I’ll find myself taking an exam in school. It is so surreal man, but I’m now done with university! I wouldn’t use the word ‘finally’, because the time sure past by real quickly.

My final day of university was made extra memorable with having two papers in one day (super tiring, don’t do it kids) and taking my last paper together with my cousin Brenda, who was sitting right behind me because well, same surnames. I also sat through the full 2 hours for both papers. Such intense writing indeed. But wow it felt so fulfilling to be done with exams!!

There were quite a few people staying back in the hall to take their ‘grad’ pictures hehe. Thankfully I had Brenda with me, if not I don’t think I would’ve taken pictures on my own. She even brought rough paper to throw in the air hehe, and we stood on the tables. Unfortunately the lights were going off while we were taking the pictures, so our photo ended up only showing our shadows HAHA. But well, memorable nonetheless :’)

With love,