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Nature at its best

I love nature. If only Singapore wasn’t that humid and hot, I would spend more time outdoors and taking pictures. On that note, I still hope to explore more photo spots in Singapore, especially in the great outdoors.


While I was doing a compilation of photos I would want to develop to put up on my white walls, I came across many beautiful shots I’ve taken over the years. I think they capture the beauty of nature and I love pictures like these that feature the natural elements around us.

Canal boat ride in England
I got this accidental shot of the sun piercing through the trees. The bald trees in winter also have their charms.


Sangumburi Crater, Jeju Island, South Korea
We witnessed mad snow while walking to visit the Sangumburi Crater. It was quite a scary snow storm experience, but honestly it did also look really pretty in photos.
Pretty skies in Tokyo, Japan
This was way back in 2010, but I remember us sitting by a park in the comfortable winter, enjoying our waffle ice-creams from the vending machine.


Flowers up on Blue Mountain, Sydney, Australia
There is really nothing really that special about this photo, except for its greenery and the small focus that makes it look extra pleasing to look at.
Orchids at the Singapore Botanic Gardens
The sun was absolutely insane, but the crazy lighting also enabled really bright and rich photos. Oh and I never knew orchids could grow so tall!
Lost woods en route to Cape Otway Lighthouse
We were on the drive towards Cape Otway Lighthouse, spotting koalas in the trees, when we passed by this entire patch of bald trees which looked pretty creepy.


Wild flowers flourishing by the Mackenzie Falls near the Grampians, Australia
It was a hot and humid day beyond anything we’ve ever experienced in Singapore, but boy was the view worth it when we got down to the falls.
By the roads of Limestone Coasts, Australia
These little fluffy thingamabobs give me such road trip feels. I have a dozen photos plus video clips of them in my archives.
On the bridge to Granite Island from Victor Harbour, Australia
The pine trees and the beautiful sky made this photo extra pretty. The skies were turning all kinds of pastel colours while the sun set.
Bees surrounding the lavender fields in Kangaroo Island, Australia
I’m personally not afraid of bees, and besides, they were too busy pollinating the lavender field to care about us humans.


Amazing sunset near the Sydney Olympic Park, Australia
If you look closely enough, you can see a tiny man on the peak of the hill. An evening jog during sunset sure looks nice.
Icicles forming on Mt. Wellington, Tasmania, Australia
The colours made this photo come out better than I expected. The cold temperature up the peak of Mt. Wellington was also way colder than we expected, sub-zero temperature!
Wild flowers bordering the paths on Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland
The view up on Mt. Pilatus will make your eyes pop.
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View of the Alps in Austria
This was taken on the bus while we were driving in Austria towards Innsbruck. Such a beautiful city enveloped by the Alps.
Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road, Australia
The beach looks so attractive from this angle. How much do you want to enjoy those waves?

My creative juices have really been churning and I’m really looking forward to bringing my camera out for a photo trip again soon. The wanderlust is reallllll right now.


With love,