birthday reflections

Counting my blessings

To some, birthdays might be all about having a blast and organising a bombastic celebration. But to me, it’s all about spending time with the people I love 🙂

Had a buffet dinner with the family + Yibo on Wednesday in celebration of both me and my mum’s birthdays 🙂 Also had a nice dinner with the girls the day before and had an awesome catch-up over Swensons fries and ice-cream!

On my actual birthday, yesterday, I spent an entire day with Yibo. We didn’t do anything spectacular or extraordinary. We just had a simple date like the old days – watching a movie and having a lovely meal together. We had Ippudo Ramen at Mandarin Gallery and watched Captain America: Civil War at Cineleisure 🙂 Such a simple date, but such a nice day spent together.

Last but not least, I’m also really thankful to the rest of my friends (and family) who remembered my birthday and bothered to wish me :’) From Gerald who made the effort to call me all the way from the UK, to Devika who wished me on both IG and Facebook, I appreciate each and every one of the wishes I got 🙂

Other than having all the attention on you, I guess birthdays are a great time of year to realise all the love that surrounds us.

With love,