Looking back at all my travels

I spent the whole of today looking through my travel photos, and wow I have been around a lot. Last month, I ordered a bulk of my photos to be developed and it got delivered last week. I was way excited to finally sort out all the hundreds of photos I had developed.

Looking at the photos from destinations all over the world – Orlando, Sydney, London, Lucerne, Nice, Melbourne etc. – made me take a step back to appreciate all the travels I have been on.

While making sure to feel thankful for being able to see so much from such a young age, I also laid out my photos to imagine how it’d look like on the wall. I’m intending to put up all my travel photos on my white walls, freshly painted late last year!

Decided to play around with my camera and my fairy lights all over again, creating a nice set of photos heh. Anyway, I will remember to keep this space updated when I finally decorate my room. For now, I’ll continue fussing over the photo arrangements.

With love,