pennington bay kangaroo island

Beach feels at Pennington Bay

Our first stop after getting to Kangaroo Island was the beautiful Pennington Bay, which sits on the South Coast of the island. We were so tired from waking up in the wee hours of the night (3am!) to board a 6am ferry to the island, but this amazing view was sure enough to wake me up.

In its full glory at 8am, Pennington Bay was all sorts of beautiful. Its gushing waves, the clear blue sky, and the amazing cool breeze along with the sun. Also, the water was so unbelievably clear, if the weather was any warmer, I wouldn’t mind getting into the water.

There was also not a single soul at the bay, making it extra serene and relaxing to be standing there listening to the waves. During the summer, Pennington Bay is popular amongst surfers and is one of the best surfing spots on Kangaroo Island.

Being the first place I saw once arriving in Kangaroo Island, I say it sure set a great tone for the rest of the two days we had. Look forward to more posts on Kangaroo Island!

With love,