prospect hill kangaroo island

Morning climb up Prospect Hill

We met a local within the first hour of setting foot in Kangaroo Island, and he struck a conversation with us real fast. Prospect Hill was one of his recommendations for us to visit, since it gave a great bird’s eye view of the island. Since Prospect Hill was along the way to our accommodation, we decided to make a stop, and we sure didn’t regret it.

Daddy and I embarked on the morning climb (511 steps!) while the rest of the family caught up on their sleep in the car. The sheer amount of steps might sound or look daunting, but it was really relaxing and easy to do! The steps were short so it wasn’t strenuous, and the cooling breeze and non-humid weather also helped.

The view from above was really satisfying! You could see way far, and sure enough Kangaroo Island is filled with greenery. We were surrounded in nature. At about 9.30am in the morning, we were the only ones up on the peak! We spent about half an hour getting up to the top, and we could’ve took a shorter time if we hadn’t stopped for so many pictures hehe.

Prospect Hill
Hog Bay Rd, Pelican Lagoon SA 5222, Australia
Free admission!


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