lavender field farm kangaroo island

Lavender farms and buzzing bees

I’ve been dreaming of lavender fields, and once I knew there was a lavender farm in Kangaroo Island, we HAD to go!!! It was a really short 30 min visit, but it was a pretty sight still.

Apparently each row of lavender shrubs was a different kind of lavender flower, but we couldn’t tell the difference obviously. They all looked pretty in the sun nevertheless. Also, there were an unbelievable number of bees surrounding the lavender, doing their jobs very diligently! I’d usually freak out if I saw a bee around me, but these bees were so busy pollinating all the flowers that they did not have time to care about us humans!

Lavender fields look pretty at any angle, and it’s a great photo spot to get Instagram-worthy shots. Make a trip there, and also take the chance to shop for lavender-related products if you’re interested.

Emu Bay Lavender
75 HD Menzies, Emu Bay Road, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia
Opening hours: 1000 – 1630


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