little sahara kangaroo island sand dune

Sliding down sand dunes at Little Sahara

Little Sahara is a mini dessert in Kangaroo Island – a naturally occurring sand dune system that covers over two sq/km. Admission is free, but if you want to get into the real fun, rent a sand board or toboggan from the counter at the entrance!

 We had an hour before Little Sahara was going to be closed, and we were going to make the most out of that hour. We rented a toboggan (a sled that you can sit on) for AUD$37 from the KI Outdoor Action counter. The lady explained how to use it and we headed off to the sand dunes!

Similar to how I am scared with skiing, sliding down the sand dunes was also daunting to me. But it was fun nevertheless. We all took turns to slide down on the toboggan, it was quite a gentle slope, so even Tung went once all by herself! The heavier you are basically, the faster you’re going to slide!

If gentle slopes are too easy, the real deal is right behind.

The slopes was way steeper, and it was a good 5 minute walk away from the front. We were running out of time but Daddy and my sister climbed all the way up with the toboggan board. I just stared and filmed them from afar, as I do.

It will probably be more crowded on other days, but because it was close to closing time, everyone had already gone back out. We seized the opportunity and had a fun time out at the giant slopes while we were the only ones there!

We had so much fun at Little Sahara, sliding down the sand dunes. It was scary at first, but we all had a good time. A great place to bring your family and also little children. Daredevils can opt for sand boards, which you can stand on to slide down, similar to snowboarding.

KI Outdoor Action also offers many more outdoor activities on the island at various locations, including kayaking, sandboarding, quad biking and more.

Be sure to check them out when you visit Kangaroo Island!!

Little Sahara
Vivonne Bay SA 5223, Australia
Opening hours: 0900 – 1700
Sandboards & toboggans for hire at KI Outdoor Action


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