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Perks of a self-drive tour

I’ve been on group tours, and I’ve been on self-drive tours. Needless to say, there are merits for both. I made some amazing friends through my Contiki tour (shoutout to D & V), but I think ultimately I’m still an advocate of self-drive tours!

Thinking back on our entire free-and-easy road trip through South Australia last December, there was nothing short of fond memories. Here are 3 merits of a self-drive tour:

 1. Stopping anywhere you want to

You have all the freedom in the world when you are on a self-drive tour, and you are the boss. Instead of commercial tours that have predetermined tourist stops, making your own road trip means that you can stop by the road anywhere you want to. Some photos I took were just taken within a few minutes of making a quick stop by the road.

 Especially in less populated areas, the roads are usually empty, which allows you to easily make a stop by the road or shoulder. Anyway, random stops usually make better pictures too. Enable yourself to capture the unique sights of your trip by making more stops along your self-drive road trip!

2. No rush, no fuss

There is no need to hurry along catch up to the main group, or to take hasty shots (that you will later regret) because there was no time. You get plenty of freedom when on a self-drive tour. It means you control your own schedule and time, and you never have to travel in a large group, which can be both slow and inefficient.

Thankfully because we had our own car to drive around the place, we could go to anywhere we want, and spend as much time as we wanted – as long as it didn’t disrupt our general schedule.

3. Irreplaceable quality time

The amount of privacy and quality time you get to have your fellow travel mates on a self-drive tour is absolutely irreplaceable! The memories you create on a road trip with your close friends or family is just different compared to anything you would experience on a commercial tour.

We had our own playlist blasting in the car, singing the songs out loud, and having as many snacks as we wanted while on the road. The car was practically our second home. As much as we had fun outside, we also had an equal share of enjoyment within the car.

A self-drive tour puts you and your travel mates in a confined space for a considerable amount of time, which tests your ability to navigate, cooperate, and enjoy yourselves for an entire trip. It could be the ultimate relationship test if you’re traveling as a couple too!

Spending that much time with each other can be challenging, but I assure you the memories will be priceless.

Bay of Shoals, Kangaroo Island
Cordes Rd, Kingscote SA 5223, Australia
Reeves Point, Kangaroo Island
Governor Wallen Scenic Drive, Kingscote

Photos taken with Sony NEX-5N and Canon EOS 650D.

With love,