My camera roll: May 2016

May was when I officially finished all my exams in university, and the rest of the month was dedicated to giving myself free time to chill. I sent out more resumes, job applications, and caught up with so many of my friends. I also put more time to my creative outlets – making travel videos and getting my blog content uppppppp.

  • Visiting my grandparents’ home each Sunday
  • Delicious egg prata to welcome the weekends
  • Home-cooked dinners are such comfort food
  • Properly soaking in the feeling of freedom after our last paper ever in NUS!
  • A paper made extra memorable with the cousin sitting right behind me hehe
  • Steak dinner courtesy of my best sista
  • Followed by Baskin Robbins ice-cream teehee
  • Great celebration after my last paper!
  • Watching Tung get schooled by Yb in Math
  • LOL kidding, she needed help and he was interested enough to help
  • Catching up on all the Marvel movies I haven’t watched – Emily from Revenge!!!
  • Yb said we can celebrate my birthday by eating something I like – Ramen
  • Tried out Ippudo Ramen – which was really good and filling!
  • Taking some selfies before our movie!
  • Captain America was really goooooooood!!!
  • Rainy days while waiting for Daddy to get dinner for the fam
  • Happy Call chicken with instant noodles – on point.
  • Having a lovely catchup with the teammates and seniors
  • Yummy yummy chicken from Poulet 😛
  • Making occasional errand runs for the parents – like fetching the sis from school
  • How good does that fried egg with prawns look?!
  • Rare selfie these days since I hardly went out in May
  • I sure am unfit but at least I look the part? LOL
  • Lazy lunch at home – Mummy’s homemade chicken pie with my favourite milo packet!
  • Another family fave – tom yam u-mian near our home heh
  • Snapchat selfies after getting my hair cut!
  • Dinner time with the family at Vivocity
  • Caramel corn from Daiso and movie night hehehe!
  • Sushi Tei with the family and cousins in celebration of Mothers’ Day
  • My first selfie with Ahma
  • Having a Mothers’ Day lunch at NUSS with the mum’s side of the fam
  • POMPOMPURIN CAFE with Raey!! How cuteeeeeee.
  • Of course we needed a selfie with the cute Purin doll
  • Manhattan Fish Market with Sarah
  • Selfie before meeting Nic for a sushi buffet
  • Delicious army stew at home with the family!
  • Skype call with Gerald over a sleepover with the girls
  • Chicken burger for breakfast. That egg tho.
  • Back near the old working place for an interview
  • Scotched eggs at Ma Maison with the CNM peeps for dinner catch-up
  • Going thru old photos and seeing the parents celebrating my mum’s 21st birthday aww
  • Having dinner with the pri school peeps – after spending almost half a year deciding on a date
  • Thai Express with Raey
  • Having a photo day with Raey at the National Gallery Singapore – post coming soon!
  • Catch-up with the team – Hanging at the Tampines Macs like the old days
  • Chilling in the car park around the golden hour
  • Interviews again, interviews

I really did have this post waiting to be published, but unfortunately I had so much to do before my trip to Hong Kong that I only got around to it now.

June is a month of travel for me – a quick grad trip to Hong Kong with Brenda, and a family trip to Copenhagen, Sweden and Norway during the rest of the month! I also just bought a new camera (yes there is a hole in my wallet now) and am thoroughly enjoying my purchase. Exciting visuals coming up!

With love,