national gallery singapore photoshoot

Photo diary: National Gallery Singapore

From seeing countless of Instagram photos of the National Gallery since it opened late last year, I have been wanting to go there myself.

At last, Raey and I made a photo trip to the National Gallery Singapore! The architecture was amazing, the place was spacious, and it was empty and quiet enough for a photoshoot day.

Former Supreme Court Foyer

Getting here

Being the old Supreme Court and City Hall, the National Gallery Singapore sits on iconic ground. Thanks to that, cab drivers will likely know where to drop you. The large building is also eye-catching from afar and easily spotted when you’re in the vicinity.

 The nearest MRT station is City Hall, which is on the East-West and Northeast Lines. A short 3 min walk is all you need to get there. There are also several buses which stop right in front of the National Gallery.

Former Supreme Court Lobby

 On a bright sunny afternoon, the light that came through the windows provided great natural light for taking photos along the hallways. The vscofilm filters and the historical architecture of the building helped to give the photos we took a retro touch!

The Galleries

 I was all decked out in ASOS, coincidentally – the top, skirt (my fave one thus far) and white sneakers. I was carrying a pastel blue Kate Spade bag, which somehow looked like a great pop of colour.

 We probably should have spent more time admiring the work in the galleries, but we spent a lot more time taking photos. Something that we both enjoy – being behind the lens (LOL). We were really squirmy in front of the camera, but I think we got the shots we wanted hehe.

The Rotunda Dome

The Padang Atrium

 The empty Link Bridges made it great for us to take our time with photos – including sitting right in the middle of it! We spent a considerable amount of time figuring how to get to the bridges. My advice is that the lifts will be your best friend.

Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery

 The Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery is proof that the gallery is beautiful even on the outside. Although the roof garden takes you out into the hot and humid weather of Singapore, it’s good for a quick 30 minutes photo session before heading into the air-conditioned areas again. Also, where better to get natural light?

Our only photo together lol

Our photo trip to the National Gallery Singapore proved reallllllly productive and fulfilling! I got to experiment with my new camera, we got to catch-up with each other, and we both went home with pretty pictures to show for it. I even got new profile pictures for my various social media profiles (HAHA).

Looking for more places to make photo trips to!

National Gallery Singapore
1 St. Andrew’s Road Singapore 178957

Opening hours: Sun – Thu, PH: 1000 – 1900; Fri – Sat, Eve of PH: 1000 – 2200
Admission fees: FREE for Singaporeans/PRs; $20 for non-Singaporeans

Photos are all taken with Canon 80D using 18-55mm lens.

With love,