Kangaroo Island flinders chase national park

Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is a protected area located in the west of Kangaroo Island. The national park features the Admirals Arch and the Remarkable Rocks, along with many walking and hiking trails. It’s a great place to enjoy the wilderness and nature within Kangaroo Island – perfect for a family day trip!

To get down to the Admirals Arch, there is a walking trail that goes along the coast of Cape du Couedic, where you can spot many – and I mean MANY – seals enjoying the sun! The seals looks adorable chilling in their natural habitat – enjoying the sun and swimming in the ocean.

How precious are those seals?

Most of the photos are taken with the maximum zoom on my camera, which means the seals were pretty far away from the trails. However, you can spot them just by looking, but you’d have to look hard because most of the seals actually camouflage on the rocks!

The Admirals Arch is a natural rock arch which gives a breathtaking view of the ocean. The walking trail leads to a series of steps that leads closer to a viewing point for the arch. My pictures may not have done the Admirals Arch justice, but the place looked pretty amazing just standing there.

 While you can take a hike from the Admirals Arch boardwalk to the Remarkable Rocks, we drove instead since we did not want to walk back after. The walk between the two natural attractions is over 1.5 hours, hence be prepared for a long hike if you’re intending to do that. A drive would take only 7 minutes, and that was an easy choice for us!

 The Remarkable Rocks is one of Kangaroo Island’s iconic landmarks. A naturally forming landmark, it took over 500 million years of rain, wind and waves to create the rock formation that stands today. I’ve briefly learnt about that in geography, but actually seeing something like that and imagining how they were created was absolutely mind-blowing.

 You don’t have to pretend to get it, because the Remarkable Rocks is just what it is. I find it similar to analysing an abstract sculpture in the art museum. I found it amusing to be going around at different angles, trying to get an interesting photo of the rock formations. There was even one that was shaped like a little sofa chair.

We spent almost an entire day at the Flinders Chase National Park, which was completely worth it to me. Kangaroo Island is all about its nature, and the national park gave us just that.

Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase SA 5223, Australia
Opening hours: 0900 – 1700
Admission fees (AUD): $11 (Adult); $6 (Child)
Family passes and concession passes available.

Photos taken with a Canon 650D using 18-135mm lens and Sony NEX-5N.


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