Hong Kong Island Antique Street Instagram spot

Hong Kong in little squares

Finally finishing university calls for a grad trip! I planned a quick trip to Hong Kong with my cousin Brenda in celebration of our graduation from university. It was the first time I planned a trip overseas on my own, and also a first cousins trip – hoping for many more to come in the future!

I have recently invested in a new DSLR, and I was really excited to use it on this trip. As a result, the photos from my phone were seriously limited. My sister pointed out to me that the only times I Snapchat-ed was when we arrived and left our Airbnb apartment haha!

Although limited, I thought I’ll still share the iPhone snaps I accumulated throughout the trip. I guess the most interesting ones were the selfies we took at each MTR station across our commute in Hong Kong! The walls were all really colourful, coming with its retro-looking tiled look – they made a great collage at the end of the day! (Check my Instagram @jtwonggg)

Look forward to more photos!


With love,