Why I love Airbnb

A fully furnished and decorated apartment that we lived in during our short stay at Bergen, Norway. We concluded our Hurtigruten voyage at Bergen, which is a UNESCO World Heritage City! Needless to say, the whole city is filled with a lot of heritage and history.


Most of the buildings and architecture in Bergen go way back, and that included our Airbnb apartment, which was built in the 1800s. It’s insane how the place has been maintained since, and clearly you can see the history of the apartment in its little details – thick textbooks have to be placed under one side of the dining table because the floor was uneven!

 Upon walking into the apartment, I knew I was going to photograph the shit out of it. Every corner of the place was a photo spot! Our host Kathy certainly decorated the place with many trinkets, and everything had a vintage touch.

What I love about Airbnb is that you get to book resident apartments instead of commercialised hotels. I guess other than actually living with the locals, living within the local neighbourhoods is the best way to experience life within the city you’re visiting.

 Such European feels in the kitchen – or the entire house, in fact. It’s a pity we didn’t actually do any cooking in the kitchen, except for instant noodles one night.

The dining room feels way cosy, but it would have been more comfortable if there were actually curtains for the huge windows in the apartment. Also, the apartment was pretty dimly lit, which was why we needed candles for supper time.

Living in this Bergen apartment certainly made us realise how old the architecture is around there, and how little they believe in curtains (lol). We only had two days to spend in the city, and seeing a beautiful apartment like that made me regretful that we didn’t have enough time to lay around.

There will be more posts or photo diaries coming up and hopefully I find the time soon.

With love,