My camera roll: July 2016

July was another full month of #unemployment for me. Thinking back, I hardly did anything.

  • Looking up at the CBD
  • Bread face?
  • Having Udders for the first time hahaha oops
  • Buying new badminton shoes from Decathlon – pretty and cheap!
  • Buying a plastic dart board for us to play it at home hehe
  • Night view of the PIE
  • Having two lunches at the CIA over a week – It’s the Culinary Institute of America at Temasek Poly btw hahaha
  • Korean Bibimbap and Japanese Tonkatsu Don!
  • Invitation cards for the NUS Commencement Day
  • A little ‘bouquet’ the sisters got me for graduation
  • Big chocolate sundaes from Swensons!
  • Tung the Smurf?
  • Finally eating the salmon we bought from Copenhagen! It flew a long way 🙂
  • Limited edition Euro 2016 bottle!
  • Korean tteokbokki with ramen SO YUMSSS
  • Korean style pork that kinda looks like worms in the picture o.o (it’s onions guys)
  • Meeting up with the primary school peeps
  • Wall patterns
  • White x blue coordinates
  • At the bus stop waiting
  • IKEA runs with the parents to find new furniture
  • Continued IKEA runs
  • Also a wonderful lighted mirror which I wantttt
  • Cheap and good Korean BBQ after a long day. YUMMY.
  • Spaghetti with more salmon bought from Copenhagen hehe
  • Getting a rare llaollao fix with Sarah & Renee
  • Amazing night view from Yb’s house
  • Unemployment means I do house chores …
  • Brown rice + salmon fillet. Healthy or what? #actuallyoverate
  • Another IKEA run the next week.
  • Featuring the sister looking way comfy on a hanging mattress
  • Snapchat filters ftw
  • Must-haves when at IKEA: Soft serve and hotdogs!
  • And meatballsssssss teehee
  • Finally meeting in full strength after Tzelin got back from Taiwan
  • Late night dinner with Burger King (got a sore throat now -_-)
  • Attending my first event doing event coverage!
  • The Jr. NBA open clinics in Singapore at Sengkang Sports Hall

But some days I really soaked in all the freedom I had – sleeping in without a care in the world, lazing in bed, watching dramas all day long, and focusing on my blog content. It was such a good break. Anyway people always say enjoy the freedom before work starts right?

That being said, I start work today! As a full-timer, but on a short-term basis. Better than nothing right? Most importantly, it’s a writer role and it’s what I’ve been looking for. Exciting stuff for the month ahead. Looking forward to new experiences!


With love,