singapore night festival 2016

We tried having a night out

I say ‘#SGNightFest’, but honestly, we barely saw anything? Last Saturday was the last day of the Singapore Night Festival so naturally, there were many people to soak up the last moments of the festival vibes. There were markets, selling crafts, food, jewellery and many other bits and bops.

But there were simply, toooooooo many people to handle. We were hot and tired and decided on having gelato before heading home hahaha. We were such bums after having some food and beer at Switch @ Timbre.

I’m sure there was so much to see and do at the Night Fest, but honestly we were too lazy and worn out by the crowds. If not for Ziyi’s height, we would have been separated.

Nevertheless still a great time with the amazing JC buddies, missing Gerald who’s in the UK right now. Maybe next time we should just chill out near our homes? #Easties

With love,