Copenhagen Street Food: Hangout with great food

Away from the city buzz and peak hour traffic, Copenhagen Street Food provides a break from the city, while still retaining the distinct Copenhagen feel.

Located right by the harbour and facing the Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen Street Food is home to over 30 food stalls, including bars, and provides great atmosphere for a night out with friends!

The city’s first and only street food market

The place boasts a variety of international food, from sushi, fried chicken, burritos, Korean japchae, and also hamburgers. We were certainly overwhelmed with choices when deciding what to eat, to which the solution was to buy almost everything and struggle to finish eating.

Colourful food trucks, quaint menu displays, and fake food displays make each and every stall inviting and tempting to buy from! Not to mention the smell of freshly cooked food that was around the place.

Copenhagen Street Food creates the atmosphere of a cheap street food market, and the cheapest meal could cost you DKK 50 (S$10).

While that is relatively cheaper to the food prices in Copenhagen, it could be pretty pricey if you’re comparing to the hawker fare in Singapore or Taiwanese food streets. That being said, eating at Copenhagen Street Food beats the restaurant prices in the city any day.

The food is all prepared in takeaway style, packed in plastic or cardboard boxes. Some food trucks also serve organic food, great choices for the health conscious. Sourcing for sustainable ingredients are also a priority for the street food stalls – such as buying local produce which do not require long distance shipping.

After buying your food, you get to enjoy your food on the top deck of the stalls, within the indoor space, or along with the breeze at the outdoor benches.

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the bars at Copenhagen Street Food are open till late. This makes the place a popular hang-out spot for the younger generations in Copenhagen, where many can be seen enjoying a beer or a glass of wine by the harbour.

Although located away from the city centre, I promise the variety of food and ambience at Copenhagen Street Food will not leave you disappointed. We had such a hearty meal that night, and I would 100% recommend when visiting Copenhagen!


Copenhagen Street Food
Papirøen (The Paper Island)
Warehouse 7 & 8
Trangravsvej 14, 1436 Copenhagen K
Opening hours: Sun – Wed: 1200 – 2100, Thu – Sat: 1200 – 2200
Some stalls may close at 2000 on Sundays. The bars are open till late on Thu – Sat!

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