How we spent National Day – SG51!

A free night’s stay at Hotel Michael in Sentosa was the perfect reason to spend this National Day outside of our homes. Our day included catching Pokémon, having Slappy Cakes, enjoying a feast at Insadong Korea Town and Malaysian Food Street, on top of having a relaxing walkabout around the touristy island!

This post is disgustingly late, disgustingly. I apologise for this horrible delay. I have no excuses other than I completely forgot about this set of photos that I took.

This year’s National Day holiday was the first time in a longggggg while that I’ve actually watched the National Day Parade (on TV) and felt a part of any National Day festivities along with other Singaporeans.


My mum got a free night’s stay at Hotel Michael in Sentosa from a friend for the National Day holiday this year, and it was the perfect reason for the family to spend a day out at Sentosa.

Slappy Cakes


My sister has been dying to visit Slappy Cakes since she found out about it. It was definitely interesting trying to create your own unique pancake, we didn’t make a mess like I thought we would. I even signed my name hehe. We went for Buttermilk and Chocolate batter and they tasted awesome, plus a breakfast platter to share!

Resorts World Sentosa 
26 Sentosa Gateway (next to Universal Studios) 
#01-29 Singapore 098269


Walkabout around Sentosa Island

We seriously contemplated going up the Merlion, but it was more expensive than we thought. We took a walk along a nature trail, which was where the old tram tracks were situated – definitely got bit by mosquitoes there. There really wasn’t much to it, other than us walking for 3 hours until we got hungry.

Edit: I was having a casual walk, my family were catching Pokémon the whole way~

Insadong Korea Town & Malaysian Food Street

This is the epic finale of the night that we were all looking forward to. We split up into two teams and went off to buy all the food we wanted to have from Insadong Korea Town and Malaysian Food Street. Expensive yes, but some of the food were worth the price still. We enjoyed all the food in the comfort of our hotel room.

Merlion Light Show


We took a walk around the hotel around midnight and found ourselves just beneath the Merlion. Coincidentally there was a light show happening and we managed to catch it.

Photos taken on Canon 80D with 50mm f/1.8 lens.

As we gradually get older, family day outs don’t happen as often anymore – other than family holidays of course. It was fun.



With love,