My camera roll: September 2016

Last month felt like a total blur. I’m actually surprised at how many photos there are.

September saw me conquering my second month into the adult working life. Seeing majority of my friends still schooling, I realise I really don’t miss studying at all. I’ve been called weird for it, but I think work life has been treating me well so far. I guess the company and the people play a huge part in that, but all in all I’m thankful that I found a job I enjoy doing!

September also saw our family go through a loss together, bidding farewell to my grandmother who passed away from cancer. This month made me thankful for the tight-knitted family we have, and for the people who have been loving and supportive in this time. Like that movie The Book of Life, I like to think that Ahma will always be in the Land of the Remembered, because her memory lives on with all of us :’)

With love,