Why cruising is the best way to travel Norway

You can travel Norway by car, train, or even plane. You can also travel across the country on a cruise, which allows you to witness the breathtaking landscapes and fjords of this largely coastal nation.

Over the Scandinavian summer in June, my family and I enjoyed a 6D5N voyage with the Hurtigruten, Norway’s most iconic cruise, from the port of Kirkenes to Bergen. While it wasn’t the ‘road trip by the fjords’ I had pictured for Norway, the entire voyage proved to be just as breathtaking and memorable.

Here’s why you should do the same and travel Norway on a cruise:

1. Don’t worry about having to check-in early! 

While traveling by plane is certainly faster than a cruise, going through airport security puts you through so much hassle. Having to arrive an hour before your departure time is something you do not have to worry about when travelling cruise. Just arrive at the port at your boarding time, and you’ll be set to check in!


2. Flexibility of trip planning

You get to pick and choose which ports you wish to board and depart the cruise from. Some trips can even be completed within a day! It’s a much carefree way to travel from city to city, and faster than driving too.


3. No need for constant repacking

Experiencing Norway aboard a cruise means your room travels with you. You don’t have to repack and move each time.  My family and I did several excursions at various ports, all without worry of where to store our luggages!

4. Food available onboard

You don’t have to worry for your daily meals when you’re on a cruise, especially since they typically offer buffet spreads! Our tummies definitely enjoyed this part of the cruise.

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5. All you have to do is relax

When catching a flight, you worry about the weight limit of your luggage and whether you packed any restricted items into your carry-on. If travelling by car, you get worn out from driving long hours. Then you might get carsick if you’re travelling on a bus along a bumpy road.

BUT, when you’re on a cruise, just sit on the deck chairs and chill! Admire the views while enjoying a cocktail or a nice cup of coffee/tea. How much more relaxing can your trip get?


6. Witness unique sights and scenery with your very eyes


Being out in the sea means that you are closer to the horizon than ever. It also means you can get the best view of the Midnight Sun in summer, or the Northern Lights in winter.

A memorable sightseeing experience was that of the Trollfjord. It had me squeezing through tourists and passengers lined along the deck in order to get the best shot of the scenery. It was incredibly beautiful, and it helped that the crew announced our arrival to the Trollfjord to make sure no one missed the view!

We enjoyed our cruise with the Hurtigruten from Kirkenes to Bergen over six days, and our experience was unforgettable. While experiencing it mainly on a cruise, we sure saw plenty of natural sights that are unique to Norway.

Other than stressful flights and draining roadtrips, I highly recommend travelling Norway on a cruise! While the Hurtigruten is one of the biggest cruise fleets in Norway, there are many other options if you’re looking to travel by sea.

I hope your voyage will be as enjoyable as mine!

This post was first published on TripZilla Magazine.

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