My camera roll: December 2016

This December felt more festive than any other year, since we’re in the country to celebrate it this year. For one, we finally put up the Christmas tree! Secondly, we’ve had plenty of family time over the last week of the year – gathering over Christmas Day, and going to Malacca for food and shopping.

It’s now 2017 – stepping into my first official year as a working adult. The adulting has been real guys. Here’s to being more disciplined (to stick to my fitness/diet goals), being open to more opportunities, and dedicating more time to friends and family!

First salad order at the new office | Wearing my new #taobao dress | Bright lights from the cab

Mojitos are my go-to | TGIF calls for truffle fries | CHIJMES in the night *-*

Encik Tan’s curry rice with Shen | TeamSG @ OUE Youth International | Our Tampines Hub

Burger time in the house | This salad was meh | Morning #ootds

First time dabao from Everton Park | Beautiful CBD view | Discovered the amazing Salad Shop!

4Fingers for late nights in the office | More morning #ootds | Back at it with The Salad Shop

Yummy beef bowl from Sin Lee Foods! | Kimchi pancake for breakfast | Fisheye lens from Faye!

Meet my crazy desk parter nicmok | First in the office | Off for dimsum lunch on the weekends!

Morning dimsum with the family | Ahye’s yummy birthday cake | Finally got my hands on this!

麻辣香锅 with Yb while watching Flash | The rare selfies haha | This salad made me feel so sad

爱心便当 from Ahma for dinner 🙂 | This is NutriSoy | Great food thanks to UberEats

A sinful dinner at Carl’s Jr with its biggest fan -_-

When I bring my camera | #fromwhereistand | Mirror selfies in the lift

Love a good Woobbee in the afternoon | Thank you Xiaodi Delivery | To the office on Saturday

While on the way to work | Mala again with the SilkAir team | Fresh mornings

Daddy grew bell peppers | Another #taobao purchase | Omnivore does not disappoint!

Monster Curry with Yb | A sinful Cold Stone ice-cream | Out of the MCE

Gingerbread cookies from Shen | More Salad Shop #rabbitsize | Starbucks orders from the office

Having dinner with family friends one weekday night | Festive vibes all around

Goofy selfies | Marché by night | The last time I’ll wear this skirt (it’s worn out)

Danish pastry in the office #yums | How many salads in a month? | Xiaodi delivery ftw

Reaching home before the sun sets | Festive lunch with the gyro peeps! 🙂

Carbonara with the yolk | Chee cheong fun for breakfast | Comfort food

Simple umian -slurps- | Yummy Korean fried chicken on Sunday nights! | Beautiful morning skies

Driving up to Malacca (Photos coming soon!) | Korean BBQ kindly prepared by Jieyu!

For the new year, I also hope to put more time and effort into this blog – dedicating more time to editing, writing and putting up more/better content. Travel plans for 2017 have not been confirmed this year, but am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to join my family in Canada in the later half of the year!


With love,