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Travel guide to Öland: Sweden’s summer haven

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Öland is the second largest island in Sweden, and is well-known to be a popular destination in the summer. Holiday resorts, outdoor campsites, castles, nature reserves and beaches are some of the best Öland has to offer.

Scandinavians love their summer months, especially since a summer’s day can have more than 20 hours of daylight! Öland is a great summer vacation spot that are popular among both locals and tourists, and here is a travel guide to tell you how to make your own visit there!

Getting there:

The island is located off the southeast coast of Sweden, and is accessible by car. Öland is connected to the mainland by possibly the longest bridge in Europe, the Öland Bridge, which spans over 6km long! You can also get to the island by a passenger and car ferry, which runs from Oskarshamn to Öland four times a day during the summer months: mid-June to mid-August.

Ekerum Resort Öland Sweden

Where to stay:

We stayed at the Ekerum Resort Öland, which was spacious and well-furnished with IKEA furniture – in true Swedish fashion.

Ekerum Resort Öland
387 92 Borgholm

Besides resorts, a huge variety of accommodation choices including cottages, cabins, bed & breakfast, hotels, and even outdoor camping sites – suitable for solo travelers, couples, groups and also families!

How to get around:

The best way around Öland is definitely by car. Rent a car from the cities or major airports in Sweden. Majority of well-known car rental companies can be found in Sweden, such as Europcar, Hertz, Sixt and more. While Öland is an ‘island’, driving from the northern to southern tip of the island can take about 3 hours! You might have to start your day early to conquer the entire island in a day’s drive!

What to visit:

Borgholm Castle Öland Sweden Borgholm Castle Öland Sweden Borgholm Castle Öland Sweden Borgholm Castle Öland Sweden

Borgholm Castle
Sollidenvägen 5, 387 94 Borgholm, Sverige

This was one of the first things that came up when I searched for things to see/do in Öland. Borgholm Castle is the remains of a fortress and Baroque palace that was home to the Swedish royal family since the 17th century. The castle is now a museum that showcases the history of the place with the help of its exhibits. Guided tours are also available each day, in English and Swedish.

Solliden Palace Öland Sweden Photo credits to x

Solliden Palace
387 92 Borgholm, Sweden

To have a glance into how royals spend the summer, visit Solliden Palace, the Swedish Royal Family summer residence located on Öland, built in 1903. It is not without good reason though! Open only during the summer months of May to September, floral and fauna is abundant in Solliden Palace, which complements the Italian-style place beautifully.

Sandvik Windmill
Stenhuggarvägen 3, 387 70 Löttorp, Sweden

Sandvik’s Windmill on Öland is one of the world’s largest windmills, built in 1856. You probably would need s selfie stick or a wide-angle lens to fit it into your selfie! Today, the Sandvik’s Windmill is a popular hangout spot in the summer, particularly for families, evident from the trampolines, playgrounds, and mini golf courses set up around the area. A simple café, restaurant and pizzeria can also be found there! A great lunch spot if you ask me!

Byrum’s Raukar
387 73 Löttorp, Sweden

A geological formation that makes a stunning natural landscape for a nice summer picnic, Byrum’s Raukar has been a nature reserve since 1935. Come prepared with a cap and windbreaker to brave the coastal winds while enjoying a relaxing picnic or chill by the limestone coast. It’s pretty much the ideal spot for nature lovers.

Photo credits to x.
 Photo credits to x.

Skäftekärr Iron Age Village
Löttorpsvägen 57, 387 72 Löttorp, Sweden

The Iron Age village, that existed back between 500 and 1050 A.D., was discovered by archaeologists and a decision was made to reconstruct the longhouses from the Iron Age. Visit the Iron Age village today to discover the history of the area, while understanding the way of life that used to exist. It’s certainly an eye-opener.

Långe Erik Lighthouse
Holmvägen 101, 387 75 Byxelkrok, Sweden

Lighthouses might look similar, but they are still worth a photo stop. This Swedish lighthouse was built in 1845 on a small island called Stora Grundet which is just north of Öland, The 32-metres high lighthouse is accessible only on foot, via a small bridge which connects the small island to Öland. The tower is open to visitors during the summer seasons.

Trollskogen Nature Reserve (Naturum Trollskogen)
Trollskogsvägen 20, 387 75 Byxelkrok, Sweden

Trollskogen, which means “troll’s forest”, is a nature reserve located on the northern tip of Öland, close to Långe Erik lighthouse. Visitors are welcome to enter the reserve for free, with hiking trails ranging from 1 to 4km long available through the forest. Enjoy the surrounding nature while learning about Sweden’s wildlife at the informational huts located at the entrance!

Stora Alvaret (The Great Alvar)

Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2000 for its biodiversity and prehistory, Stora Alvaret is a limestone plain which is a must-visit when on Öland. A variety of vegetation, birds and insects can be seen, especially in the summer when the flowers are in bloom.


We spent an entire day taking a road trip around Öland, and we enjoyed the rich history and beautiful sceneries the island had to offer.

Top tips: Start your road trip early as some attractions close as early at 4pm! Have fun!


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