Peranakan food with family friends

After several attempts to organise a gathering since Christmas time, we finally managed to get together with our family friends, Mike & Ann, who are in Singapore for their yearly visit. What a way to ring in the new year together, that’s 2017 started right 🙂

Starting out as friends to my grandparents, they now feel like part of the family, even to us grandchildren. Such a rare meeting with them since they only visit Singapore once a year! And of course we had to pick a lunch place that did Asian food justice…

That landed us at The Peranakan, which is located at Claymore Connect in the Orchard area! Brenda picked out this place since she took on the responsibility of organising the lunch gathering. Wouldn’t say the food was the best, there are probably better Peranakan food elsewhere.

BUT, the ambience was amazing. Even providing little cane boxes with appetisers in them, the restaurant was aesthetically pleasing.

The dishes were in classic Peranakan style – definitely a dining experience you want to have, especially for tourists or if you’re seeking a high-class Peranakan food experience.

It’s rare to see Ahye smiling for photos, so happy I captured this one hahaha.

We caught up over our recent travels, and also hopeful plans to visit Mike & Ann in Bath during summer time! Keeping our fingers crossed that we can actually do that and even go out sailing with Mike! That sounds like an adventure already.

(Oh and pretty glad I brought my camera for this!)

With love,