Malacca Trip Malaysia 2016

iPhone Photo Diary: Malacca 2016

Malacca Trip Malaysia 2016

Short trips to Malaysia are easy to coordinate, and cheap to enjoy too. We ate and ate again throughout our family trip to Malacca over the end of year holidays. It’s been a while since I’ve gone on a trip with the extended family, and I must say I’ve missed it very much!

A quick look-back at our trip through my iPhone photos. For plenty of food photos and selfies, read here!

Malacca Trip Malaysia 2016Malacca Trip Malaysia 2016

Mostly selfies at the restaurant tables while waiting for our food. A food post will be coming up real soon detailing what we ate in Malacca!

Malacca Trip Malaysia 2016

We walked to this food centre from our resort one night to buy LOTS of delicious food. We definitely indulged. Goodness alllllll the carbs that night haha.

Malacca Trip Malaysia 2016 Malacca Trip Malaysia 2016

Not to forget all the shopping that we did. We spent a good hour at one shop just trying out clothes, picking out clothes, and eventually spending a few hundred (in ringgit) at that one store. Madness.

I always try to leave spontaneous shots to my iPhone, instead of prioritising my camera for the high quality pixels. Seemingly I’ve failed this time LOL.

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