Happy birthday Meng!

Recently attended my cousin’s 21st birthday party over the weekend, and it just dawned upon me that he’s just one of the first who will be turning 21 in the next couple of years. Seems only like yesterday that we were playing board games, blindfolded tag, and even Runescape together. Everyone’s growing up so fast :’)

Had to leave slightly earlier from the party, but glad he cut the cake and took his pictures before that! Thankful that Yibo brought his camera along when he came, if not I’m not sure we would’ve such nice photos 🙂

Happy birthday Meng. Hope you had the happiest birthday party with the company of your family and close friends. You’re just 21 and there’s so much to look forward to. One will be starting your uni life this year. Your 大姐s will always be here to provide advice!

Photos taken with Canon 5D Mk III with 24-105mm lens; Edited on Adobe Lightroom

With love,