camera roll march 2017

My camera roll: March 2017

I don’t know about you, but the month of March pass by really slowly for me. Yet at the same time, it’s unbelievable that a quarter of 2017 has just gone by!

A quick #ootd in the morning | Donuts to form the gyro logo | Mini donuts for snacks!

On our office wall hahaha | Teriyaki don yums | Pamper evenings

A healthy Subway lunch? | Look who joined us for dinner | Early mornings to the airport

From the car window | At the departure halls again | Macs fries for daysssss

Having McDonald’s for lunch. I have sinned. | Takeaway dinners

Afternoons spent working out with the little sis! | Wearing my new boots with ducky socks heh

Salad shop lunches are back | Then sinning with ramen | Cheese cake. New office snacks.

Totoro socks! | Faye bought iced cheese tarts for us! | + Woobbee milk tea. YUMMEH.

Celebrating Nicolette’s birthday late with a pretty pink decorated cake. Happy birthday Nic!

Out for dinner with the boys to celebrate Zijie’s birthday | Late nights waiting for the parents

Faye bought us morning drinks! | How we settle dinner while the parents were away.

Look who came over | Sunsets | Going for morning mahjong before badminton!

Sulky Sundays | Spending my off day having leftovers and making simple udon for meals

My second morning on leave spent making french toast and sausages for breakfast!!

Casual mirror selfies + a hot afternoon while waiting for the colleagues to dabao lunch.

Having dinner with Yibo & fam | Help I’m being terrorised. | My pink flatlay with Nic’s stuff

Friday evenings spent doing interviews with #OneTeamSG athletes | Macs for dinner YAY.

How breakfast should be done | Colourful flags | How Sunday lunches should go

Having Foodpanda for dinner with the sister | Beef bowl! | Is that a giant White Rabbit sweet?!

Naengmyun | Having Korean BBQ with the gyro girls | Indulgence hehe

Matching my top to my shoes | Sneakers from Primark that I’m finally wearing | #ootd

When Nick scheduled a 10pm meeting with me | Lunches at Great World! | I believe in FAIRIES.

Again with the boots | Angel Horse fish soup for lunch!! Thanks Chiky! #middleroad | ASTONS

Having drinks with gyro at No.5! | How Friday nights should be. | How I feel the morning after.

Qing Ming prayers | Learning all about the best healthy lifestyle habits | Ate unhealthy.

#ootd | Salad shop once more! | Gudetama chocolates! How cute hehe.

Drowsy Fridays. | Having mojito on Friady night | Another TGIF with gyro.

Pepperoni pizza at No.5! | The best chicken wings. | Beauty in the Pot with the girls for supper!

on the BLOG

I haven’t put in much effort on here last month, but I did put out a Mong Kok blog post that I worked really hard on – even designed a whole map to mark out all the attractions I went to! Also, feel like I’ve neglected personal updates on this blog recently. I used to do simple updates for birthday celebrations, simple gatherings, and family time, and I want to continue doing that now. Travel-specific content will still be coming up! I just need a lot more time 🙁

Catch up on my (very few) blog posts this month:

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Last month has just felt like deadlines after deadlines, and being occupied with work. Is this real life kicking in? In all honesty though, don’t think I’ve been this busy until recent months. As an introvert + homebody, I really like my alone time, especially time at home. Feel like I’ve been robbed of that last month, and it made me feel pretty stressed out and probably extra hormonal than I would usually be.

On that train of thought, I haven’t been on much of a healthy lifestyle lately too. Craving sinful snacks and unhealthy foods basically comes with all the lack of sleep – I’m also typing this at 1am… So now…new month new me? #fingerscrossed

Also looking forward to giving myself a break, I’ve booked a short trip to Bangkok with my mum and I’m beyond excited!!

With love,