gyro singapore life

What a time to be alive!

gyro singapore life

  I don’t know why people make working life sound so grim, or maybe this is just me being silly and naive as a fresh graduate who hasn’t even been working for a year.

When I was imagining my first job, never did I think I would end up in a workplace that would feel so much like a second home. I also couldn’t have wished for a greater bunch of people to work with. ❤️

gyro singapore life

We all headed out for a company dinner last Thursday night to celebrate our lady bosses, Rayne & Joanne. We had a night that was overflowing with dim sum, and laughter [see below].

gyro singapore life gyro singapore life gyro singapore life gyro singapore life

I may not have spent the most of time with Rayne or Jo, but there is a significant memory I have with them from last September. When Ahma passed away last year, they actually turned up at her wake, which came as a surprise to me, but also meant so much. I had only been at the agency for barely over a month, as a freelancer, with no idea how long I was even going to be there for. I guess it showed how much they care for each and every one of us at the office, no matter the position we are in. That was really an eye-opener, and I guess it’s no surprise why the company culture is as strong as it is.

I’m quite glad I brought my camera that day. Shall be taking more pictures during our various outings so we have these memories to look back on.

gyro singapore life gyro singapore life gyro singapore life

I’ve been told that I’m incredibly lucky to have found a job I enjoy, and be working with people I actually like. I guess that’s the best situation anyone could ask for?

I’m thankful every day.

With love,