That time at Mahota Kitchen

Warning: Your eyes might roll out because of how outdated this is.

This is dated about last December, when I headed out with Jieyu for dinner to celebrate her exams being over! We thought we’d try out Mahota Kitchen, for some healthy food.

Mahota Commune takes up the entire floor of Kitchener Complex (Level 3), and they have a kitchen (restaurant), a market, and also activity spaces. They’re all about living good, and eating good – which is exactly what we found there.

We got the Mahota Hot Pot, which was really yummy with plenty of vegetables in there. Also the entire range of different tofus were pretty interesting, but I’ve already forgotten the flavours so, sorry.

I probably wouldn’t want to have this again, but it’s pretty worth a try! They also have many other healthy-sounding items on their menu, which you can find here:

Mahota Commune

Kitchener Complex, Level 3
809 French Road, Singapore 200809

With love,