My camera roll: April 2017

At a glance, April seemed like a pretty eventful month. We celebrated Tung’s birthday, had a nice dinner with the gyro fam, sports team dinner at KJ’s house, and took a quick trip to Bangkok with my mum! It also looks like I ate plenty of sinful food, and my salad frequency has sure dropped hahaha (partly because I realised how expensive it costs sigh).

Camera roll april 2017

She’s 12 but still a baby to us | Her rainbow birthday cake | Leftovers from the birthday buffet

Camera roll april 2017

Car selfies otw to work | I think those shoes look funny | First time trying out Green Dot!

Camera roll april 2017

Starting to like Doodles | When Nic and my chairs turned in the same direction | Still white

Camera roll april 2017

Ben & Jerry’s in the office hehe | DTF with Renee and Sarah | Watching TeamSG in training

Camera roll april 2017

Along the roads of Joo Chiat | Relaxing nights | Mornings before work

Camera roll april 2017

A rare semi-healthy breakfast | Doodles yet again | Sandwiches to-go

Camera roll april 2017

I sit next to a ghost | How we nua after lunch | Cheesecake baked by Simone!

Camera roll april 2017

Teriyaki chicken noodles made by Mummy | Meeting rugby legends wowww | Easter cake

Camera roll april 2017

Claypot rice | Yummy dinner spread at my aunt’s house | Vegetable curry yums

Camera roll april 2017

A rare salad appearance this month | Wake me up when I’m famous | A common #ootd

Enjoying my bus ride home | Greyscale like the gyro colour scheme | Happy birthday KH!

After SportSG meetings | Mum made salmon with cauliflower #healthy | DOODLESSSS

Waiting for the bus | I exercised! | Thankful for rides to the office during rainy mornings

Breakfast time | Another ride to the office | I exercised AGAIN.

Prata just because. | Huge cheese selection that I do not understand | #shenbakes

Cute Hannah at the head of our dinner table | ICE CREAM | Shen’s ah lian braid

From where I stand | Xiaodi is love. Xiaodi is life. | Dinner!

Tung loves her donuts | I look chubs | Burning calories from yoga

Enjoying the views from the flight to Bangkok. The advantages of daytime flights.

Living the bathrobe life. I enjoyed it very, very much.

Day 2 of Bangkok | THAI MILK TEA ALWAYS. | Greyhound Cafe

An afternoon of shopping…endless shopping…

Dinner at Platinum Mall | We had to | Thai milk tea is love

Street stalls at Chatuchak Market | Foooooood (breakfast) | STREET FOOD IS GREAT.

Views from our hotel (1 & 2) | Insane Bangkok traffic all day every day

Overexposed selfies | You always need Macs breakfast | Locally designed in Bangkok

Spending about 6 hours in the airport because we were early + flight was delayed.


Been in quite a lethargic mood with the travel posts lately, though I know I’m way overdue on lots of content (my Scandinavia, Malacca, and Hong Kong trips). I started looking at all the possible content I had to put out, and somehow I started missing how my blog used to be in my secondary school days. I published a post every. single. day. Nothing special, just documenting my day, and my thoughts. Whenever I went out with my friends, and whenever I did anything fun, I would blog about it.

That’s exactly what I did. And things felt right again. I didn’t restrict myself to just travel content, and it was great. I did also power through two straight days and completed my Hong Kong travel diary from last year. It felt really satisfying. Catch up on it if you haven’t!

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I guess I’ve been really enjoying life and feeling thankful this month. Sounds annoying and preachy as hell. I APOLOGISE. I suppose it’s because I’ve been focusing more on my social life, and sharing more of these on the blog, so I get more time to reflect on these people/events.

Also caught two movies this month! Finding way more time for movies now that I’m not studying. Since I have free time every weekend woohoo. Beauty & the Beast and Fast 8 were great for the big screen. Disney classics are the best, and the aesthetic was so beautiful to watch.

April would also have been Ervin’s birthday month. We weren’t the closest of friends, but he was one of my juniors who really left an impact on me. Such a bright and bubbly dude, always looking on the positives. He did remind us to be thankful for the life we are able to have, and for the things we are able to do. (“Age is a privilege that some never get.”)

We now welcome May, when I’ll turn 23. God just writing that number feels surreal to me. Birthdays are great, except when it comes to mind. It’s weird.

I’m just looking forward to another short getaway with Yibo. Thankful to be going on a simple trip with him, just the two of us. (Just a normal couple…going for a normal vacation…like normal people do…)


With love,