Summer in Scandinavia outfits

Dressing for the summer in Scandinavia

Forget the Northern Lights, it’s now summer time in Scandinavia. The months of May to July is when you get to experience almost a 24 hours of daylight, plus the Midnight Sun – yep the sun doesn’t set!

Before you imagine summer weather that’s similar to Australia, visiting Scandinavia will remind you that ‘summer’ is just a relative term.

Summer in Scandinavia outfits

While the weather is certainly warmer (no more sub-zero temperatures), that doesn’t mean you won’t shiver! Here’s how you should dress when you’re in Scandinavia in the summer:

Summer in Scandinavia outfits Summer in Scandinavia outfits

Coming from Singapore, which is hot and sunny about every single day of the year, I jump at every opportunity I have to wear a knit sweater! And I sure did.

Tip: be sure to layer up.

Summer temperatures in Scandinavia can range from around 20°C to even sub-zero degrees like -6°C! Yes so as you can tell, it can be pretty erratic, and not feel like summer at all. The sun usually helps to really keep warm, so it only really feels colder when it’s cloudy or after the sun sets.

Bringing along a simple jacket or windbreaker allows you to dress light when the sun’s out, and stay covered when the sun’s not.

Tip: Windbreakers are a life-saver.

You must must must must bring jackets that can block the wind. Wearing knits are great, but once it gets windy, it almost feels like I’m not wearing anything (LOL). The wind just goes straight through my knit sweaters. So I strongly advise that you get a windbreaker that will protect you against the strong winds. Especially if you’re going near a beach or going on a cruise!

You can Double the knit layers.

Knit layers are real cosy, but one layer is not enough. I wore two layers of knit sweaters on most days, especially if we were just walking around the city. It was warm enough for tours around Copenhagen or Bergen. Besides, you can just remove a layer if it gets hotter!

Summer in Scandinavia outfits Summer in Scandinavia outfits

When hiking: Dress light, but bring an extra layer for later.

When we climbed up the Pulpit Rock, I only wore a tshirt with a light jacket. I guess we could have gone in short sleeves, seeing as we were exercising and the sun was shining down on us. It was actually pretty hot! But as soon as we reached the top and cooled ourselves down, the wind began to feel quite chilly. And that’s when the extra layer comes to use!

Wear a cap to protect you from the sun.

When the weather isn’t hot and humid like in Southeast Asia, we tend to forget that the sun is still hot enough to cause sunburns. Remember your sunblock, and wear a cap if you want to shield yourself from the sun rays! With little humidity and cool temperatures, I suppose your hair won’t be ruined under your cap too hahaha.

Hope this helps you to pack for your upcoming trips!

Summer in Scandinavia outfits

What’s your favourite piece of clothing for cold-weather holidays? Mine’s deffo a knit sweater!

With love,