what i love summer in scandinavia

What I loved about summer in Scandinavia

I’ve spoken plenty about our visit to Scandinavia last June, which was also summer time. While there are the Northern Lights in the winter, you get to witness the Midnight Sun when you’re visiting Scandinavia in the summer.

Spending the winter in Scandinavia with the Northern Lights, dog-sleds, and ice hotels are popular travel stories we see everywhere, but spending the summer in countries like Norway, Sweden, and Copenhagen also has its winning points!

what i love summer in scandinavia what i love summer in scandinavia

Here’s what I loved about visiting Scandinavia in the summer:

1. All day sunlight!

This is probably the most obvious, and the best part of summer time in Scandinavia! With every photo I post on Instagram from our trip, I talk about how much I love the all-day sunlight. it was quite a different experience being able to explore the city/streets without worrying about when the sun was going to set!

what i love summer in scandinavia

This might just be from my perspective, but somehow it felt safer when the sky was bright all the time. It definitely took a lot of getting used to. Finding out that it’s 10pm, yet opening the curtains to a bright sky, as if it were only 5pm in the evening!

I felt like I could sleep at any time of the day, because it was always daytime to our bodies anyway. That’s why all the accommodations came with thick curtains to simulate night time when it was time to sleep!

what i love summer in scandinavia

2. Enjoying the sun without the humidity

When the weather wasn’t cloudy, we got to truly bask in the sun and enjoy the summer. Like I’ve said before, summer in Scandinavia is unlike the summer weather you’d get in Asia. You enjoy the warmth from the sun, yet the cool temperatures ensure the days are free from perspiration hehe.

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what i love summer in scandinavia what i love summer in scandinavia

I do love my knit sweaters, and the Scandinavian summer was the best time and place to wear them! No thick clothing is needed, so you get to dress relatively light for a long travel day! Summer is also the perfect weather for hiking – a must-do when in Norway.

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3. Taking my time photographing the ‘sunset’

When we were in Sweden and Copenhagen, we had daylight for majority of the day – the sun set at about 11pm! But when we got to Norway, within the Arctic Circle, that was when the sun never set. The Midnight Sun phenomenon comes about because the sun never sets below the horizon, though it does go down.

what i love summer in scandinavia what i love summer in scandinavia

That meant that sunsets are ‘slower’, and I got plenty of time to get my perfect sunset shot. I spent plenty of time just standing by the deck of the cruise ship, looking out at the pretty sunset views and trying to take my best picture.

what i love summer in scandinavia what i love summer in scandinavia

Unlike Singapore sunsets that go by in about half an hour, I think I could have spent about 2 hours photographing the sunset. In some ways, I actually had to peel myself away from the deck so that I didn’t flood my camera with 156738 photos of the same landscape. (It was also freezing because of how windy it was~)

what i love summer in scandinavia

Summer in Scandinavia was pretty unforgettable. In fact, I think summer time in any Europe country is my favourite kind of weather. Getting to enjoy the daylight without the humidity~ I suppose that’s every Singaporean’s dream.

Where’s your ideal/favourite summer destination?

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