bergen mount fløyen

A view of Bergen from Mt. Fløyen

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of Bergen, you should head up Mt. Fløyen (320 metres above sea level), which is only 8 minutes away on the Fløibanen funicular.

Mt. Fløyen is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bergen, and was one of the top recommendations we got at the tourism office. I suppose you understand why when you find yourself at the peak.

Getting up to Mt. Fløyen

Other than taking the short tram to the peak, you can also hike your way up, which you can consider if you have more time during your visit!

Fløibanen funicular

The lower station is located just a short walk away from the fish market (Fisketorget), or you can simply ask any locals in the area! You certainly won’t miss the building when it has the words “FLØIBANEN” plastered over it.

Return tickets: NOK 90 (adult); NOK 45 (Child)

You purchase your tickets at the counter before heading to wait for the train at the tunnel. It’s a really short wait. I think the train comes every 15 minutes! It’s always rather packed though, try to get to the front/back of the train to get a good view of the journey.

bergen mount fløyen

Hike your way up

Although we didn’t try it, hiking up Mt. Fløyen is definitely something to consider, more so in the summer than winter seasons. Since Norway goes through months when there is limited sunlight during their winter season, the summer weather is very precious to the locals. Plenty of people were on the hiking trail – at least that was what it looked like from the train ride haha!

According to my research, the climb could take up about 45 minutes, perhaps an hour if you’re taking your time. It sounds to be pretty steep though, so be mentally/physically prepared!

You can also hike to the surrounding mountains around Mt. Fløyen. There are different terrain and difficulty levels depending on your choice! Find more information here.

at the peak of mt. fløyen

The train station was really cute, with a mini functioning funicular on top of the roof! -squeals- It’s so cute.

While summer days are usually pretty windy, it was rather cloudy on the day that we made our way up Mt. Fløyen. That made the weather feel way colder, especially with all the strong winds because we were on the peak.

There’s also free Wifi on Mt. Fløyen! So like typical tourists, we spent a good amount of time sitting on the steps of the viewing balcony and used our phones. Really thankful that we visited this attraction on a weekday, so it wasn’t massively packed with tourists!

We spent a while at the peak, where there was a café, a gift shop, and also a little park which connects to the hiking trails on the way down. It was actually pretty nice to just sit there and chill out for a moment in the outdoors, while overlooking the entire city.

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You can see pretty much the entire city of Bergen from Mt. Fløyen – we were even able to spot the Hurtigruten cruise ship we just alighted from earlier that day. The gigantic cruise ship looked so small from there!

This entire trip to Mt. Fløyen only took about 2 hours – mostly because of the time we spent on the peak! It’s really quick to tick off your list when you’re in Bergen. Also bonus points if the weather was great – blue skies and plenty of sunshine!

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Fløibanen Funicular
Fløibanen AS, Vetrlidsallmenningen 23A, 5014 Bergen, Norway
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 0730-2300; Sat-Sun 0800-2300

There’s plenty more to offer in Bergen, in fact, I wrote a post based on what we accomplished in our time there! Take a read of my guide to Bergen.

Now Choose & tell me:
will it be a 1-hour hike, or a 8-min funicular ride to get up Mt. Fløyen?

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