The long-distance relationship begins

long distance relationships

As I’m typing this, Yibo is on a plane to the US, where he’s going to spend the next 4 months on exchange, and I’ll only see him next year…

I was worried at first. Perhaps it’s simply due to the fact that we haven’t gone through any form of long-distance before, other than the fact that I was away for around three weeks during my summer exchange programme in London. Though, well, I’ve gone on holidays for about that amount of time too.

I used to be really insecure any time Yibo went away for a long time, because I didn’t feel like I had someone to spend my time with, or afraid to be alone basically. But as I’ve grown over the years, I’ve been feeling different. I guess it also helps that since then, I’ve developed more of a life outside of our relationship. I’ve got family, friends, hobbies, and work that I have to spend my time on, and this isn’t a bad thing at all!

It’s not to say we won’t miss each other. I just don’t think we should be treating this LDR as a thing to mope and dread over. Instead of being sad about being apart, I’m focused on how this exchange experience will be an enriching one for Yibo, and how I can use this time to the best. Besides, I know people who’ve done LDR for longer periods of time, so really, 4 months isn’t that bad.

It’s been an inside joke between both of us, that Yibo will only be away for “a while only”. And indeed, we’ll be texting, calling, skyping, and before we know it, he’ll be on his way home. Don’t want to seem dramatic and sappy but am pretty thankful that we’ve stayed positive about this – it really helps reassure each other that it will all be okay.

I know we’ll be fine. All that’s left is for him to stay safe over there and get back in one piece.

With love,