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How we championed through games time

Since around the start of the year, we’ve been counting down to the Games Time – when Team Singapore will compete in the 29th SEA Games and 9th ASEAN Para Games at Malaysia. It meant almost a whole month’s worth of crazy social media work, and plenty of scurrying around to keep up.

To be honest, until August itself, I still didn’t really know what was going to hit us. But trust me I was there with my camera to capture all the craziness during that period.

Watch all of it right here:

I’m not playing favouritism, but the fact was things were MUCH MORE insane during the SEA Games, as compared to the APG. Trust me we celebrated the athletes and their wins equally during both events!!

I’ve never been so deeply engaged with any sport activity, let alone the ones Team Singapore athletes take part in. I do follow the Olympics channel on Facebook though! If that counts towards anything hahaha.

Thanks to the live-streaming available for some events, we got to witness the excitement of the games even though we spent most of the SEA Games sitting in a meeting room across each other. I thought that was quite an experience on its own.

Of course, it also helped that I was working with the best team.

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