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Up in the mountains

22 Oct 2017

I’m sat at the dining table of our beautiful resort near Banff National Park. I’ve never blogged while overseas before. But since we were taking a chill day today – spending the entire time in the resort hanging out – I thought it was a good time for me to start writing.

If you haven’t seen my Instagram, my family and I are in Canada. We flew into Vancouver, and (my dad) drove our way to Jasper and Banff – some of the most beautiful spots in the British Columbia.

Everything has been friggin’ beautiful. It’s unbelievable. Every spot we pass by looks like a damn postcard. I’ve taken so many photos hahaha. But then again that’s not too far-fetched for me right?

So thankful to be here on a trip with my family, to be seeing all these beautiful sights together. Thankful to my dad for driving us throughout this entire road trip – an unpaid job with unlimited working hours. And even more thankful that Yibo was able to come join us halfway from North Carolina!

It’s been quite the experience here so far. I came here expecting fall weather – think colourful trees, fallen maple leaves, and cool weather. Well we did see that in Vancouver, but towards our drive to Jasper, the weather started to look more like winter. It was snowing so furiously and snow accumulated to almost 5-6cm high…

I’ll be collecting a lot more of these postcard-worthy shots in the next few days, and hopefully within the next year (hur hur) it’ll all be out on the blog hahaha. (this is the kind of loose/non-existent timeline my blog operates on.)

explore canada instagram photos

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