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iPhone snapshots from Beijing + Canada

I made the upgrade to the iPhone 8 last month, just in time before heading to Canada last month. I kinda vlogged the trip, but I also took plenty of photos. Thought it would be good to have a post just for the snaps from my holiday!

This is a quick summary of our trip!

We took a leap of faith with Air China to make our journey to Vancouver, with a stopover in Beijing. Since we had an option to extend for a 24 hour stopover, we decided to make a quick visit! We were pretty productive within those 24 hours, I must say.

TLDR review of Air China

The flight was pretty good actually! I mean for an international airline, the standard was there. Of course, Singapore Airlines will never be replaced, but Air China was pretty good for its price! Things I didn’t like though: The entertainment options (very limited English shows and not very new), and the fact that I couldn’t use my phone – even on airplane mode!!

Our 24 hours in Beijing

I don’t have it captured on my phone, but our first stop was to have Peking Duck for dinner! It was pretty legit, and then we made a stop at Raffles City – yep, it’s named like the mall in Singapore, opened by CapitaLand there haha.

How can we not visit the Tiananmen Square when we’re in Beijing? I really wanted to visit the Forbidden City too, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time. Till next time 🙁

We walked into this really dark alley to our hotel, which turned out pretty okay! The beds were comfortable, and it was spacious. Not to mention the drinking water provided to us, and free wifi – that’s the most important.

We had dough fritters & mini buns for breakfast, and set off at 7am to the Great Wall of China!

Our driver took us for 1.5 hours, we took a bus, then a cable car, and finally set foot on one of the 7 Wonders of the World! (More pictures to come soon!!)

We bought nuts by the side stalls, and had our certificates done – those that certifies that you’ve been on the Great Wall. I was very impressed that I managed to write all our names in Chinese hahaha #cheapthrills

We spent the entire morning at the Great Wall, and immediately left for the airport, where we didn’t even have time to grab a bite before our flight. Thank god for fast food hehe. We also got the best seating arrangement!

Our first day in Vancouver

We collected our car immediately after touching down, and we were quite pleased! It was also a Kia Sedona, like wow I can’t escape the brand hahah. We checked into our Airbnb and went to Chinatown to have some food. Then we went back to the apartment to recover from the long flight and impending jet lag.

Grocery shopping was the first stop of our second day, since we were intending to cook most of our meals over the next few days at our resort. It was like stocking up for war… Then we got A&W for lunch hehe.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

We made our visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge which was just a little drive away from the city. Our little preview to how much nature we’d be in touch with over our trip.

Then commenced a 5 hour long road trip to our resort at Lake Shuswap.

Got to our resort at about 8pm and we had roast chicken wraps for dinner at about 10pm.

I took my Rilakkuma along with me on the trip, and on our visit to the Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park to watch wild salmon swim upstream. It was quite intriguing.

Experienced a storm

We were going to take a 3 hour drive to an attraction but stopped midway at a town called Salmon Arm because the rain was getting quite crazy and the winds were aggressive. Thankfully on our drive back we got some sun and blue skies so we could do some exploration around the lake. But realised the power at our resort got cut off because a tree fell, so we spent our evening with candles and downloaded movies on my laptop.

Ice-cream on a cold day

Taking a random rest stop and walking into the general store because there was a sign saying “50% for ice-cream!” I guess the cold weather didn’t deter us from getting ourself a icy treat hehe. Then Tung ordered the same popsicle Nick had in Greece. SO DERICIOUS.

What the mornings look like from our resort at Lake Shuswap.

Seeing snow in Jasper

Yibo skipped a week of school to join us in Canada. We drove up to Jasper and experienced the transition from fall and winter. It was snowing, there was snow everywhere, and we saw some of the most beautiful lakes.

Goodbye Jasper, hello Banff

After 2 days in Jasper, we drove 5 hours to Banff, where we got to our next resort for the next 4 nights. Such a beautiful place. We got to see a good balance of fall and winter, it was also much colder than the rest of Canada we’d been to. Plenty of pretty pictures to come!

We made a little stop at a town called Hope, where Rambo was filmed apparently. The autumnal feels were so strong there, so I took plenty of pictures – not forgetting a selfie.

This is what happens when you ask your sister to hold your phone……..

We spent our last day in Vancouver shopping at the outlet stores. Then it was time to bid farewell to Canada on the next day. A last farewell selfie for Yibo and I before he left for his gates (because American flights were in a different terminal from other international flights).

I said I took plenty of photos on my phone, but now looking back, I don’t think I did! Haha there’s definitely a whole lot more coming up on the blog soon (I hope). Stay tuned!!! Plenty on my Instagram for now though. Hehehe check it out!

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