why i don't miss school adulting

Why I don’t miss being a student

While I was still a student, I’ve always had teachers, family members, or colleagues telling me to cherish my time as a student, because I would come to really miss it when I enter the workforce. After being fed with these thoughts/advice over the many years, I inevitably found myself painting a dreary picture of my life after graduation.

Plot twist: I actually don’t miss student life at all.

I remember really struggling with school. In comparison to those days, I enjoy what I have now wayyyyyy more.

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school wasn’t a breeze.

I could never understand why memorising was the easy way out. If I didn’t understand it, and I just memorised it, what’s the point? I think my body physically and mentally rejected the idea of memorisation LOL. My bedroom walls were filled with post-its during A Levels period so that I could memorise all my concepts with sheer exposure. I REALLY TRIED OKAY.

why i don't miss school adulting

I remember those nights I cried in my bedroom because I had a test the next day that I knew I was going to fail. All that anxiety from struggling to pass my subjects. I also remember those times I had to do my homework standing because I was too exhausted after training. There was once I fell asleep on the floor for an hour because I was lying on the floor feeling hopeless about my exam.

Being a student definitely had its carefree and happy moments, but it sure as hell wasn’t easy. And I would not want to go back studying and taking exams omg that is like plain torture.

Now that I’m working…

I feel more stress-free in a sense that the idea of exams, homework, or other responsibilities aren’t looming over my head 24/7 throughout the year. Of course, that’s not the only benefit.

1. Stress-free weekends

It’s a pity that no one cares if children have a school-life balance, but once you reach adulthood, society becomes so concerned about work-life balance. Honestly, I’m pretty sure some people put themselves through as much trouble by studying, just like how some people work to their death.

Right now, I have official working hours, so technically I’m not obligated to worry about my work or assignments during my off hours. (Unless of course I have to work weekends, which happens more frequently than not hahahaha) I get to do whatever I want with my time. I can spend time with the family, head out to hang with my friends, or just spend the day lazing.

When you’re a student, rather than having the weekends to relax, or using the school holidays to take a breather, it’s usually filled up with homework and assignments, and allllllllll the studying you should start doing ahead of your exams. If I were to take a break, I would feel bad, because there will be others who’ve spent their whole holidays studying really hard. Yet if you’re a working adult, people look at you with sad eyes if you said you spent the whole weekend slogging off at the office.

Strange isn’t it? 

2. No more exams

I cannot stress enough how happy I am to be over and done with school exams. I cannot imagine sitting through another 2-3 hour paper in a cold and stale examination hall. Just thinking back, I have no idea how I even did it all those years. Especially A Levels. WHAT. A. MIRACLE.

If A Levels was hard, university felt like the cycle repeating every single semester, just sped up and much more stressful. It also doesn’t help that I’m not good with exams – memorisation, cramming information, etc. I usually come out with less than ideal results anyway. Nothing to make people feel better about themselves right?

I do know that exams aren’t only for students in school. I won’t eliminate the possibility that I might have to take an exam for professional or enrichment purposes in the future. But for now, I’m really not interested to have to think of an exam ever again.

hilary duff i don't know

3. Financial independence

This has got to be the biggest highlight of having your own job and earning your own salary. I also know this is a tad dramatic because I’m not exactly financially independent at this point. Since I still live with my parents and I don’t have to pay for a house, or utility bills etc. But still, instead of getting a regular allowance from the parents, I’m now earning my own spending money.

I have way more freedom in how I wish to spend money – things I buy, do, or plan for. This is no indication that I’m a spendthrift or whatever okay – because I’m not. I quote my little sister now: “You are your own person!” I AM.

why i don't miss school adulting
How about you? Do you prefer studying or working?

With love,