Thoughts of a self-conscious / awkward photographer

I am an awkward photographer.

I love taking photos. I’m certainly not a professional, but it’s something I enjoy doing and am passionate about. Especially while I’m travelling, I’ll never be seen without my camera.

I follow so many photographers and professional content creators on Instagram, and I truly enjoy all of their work! Sometimes I wish I could shoot as well as they do. But I’m also too awkward and shy to get the shots I want.

major ragretz.

Most of the time I regret missing out on certain photo opportunities because I was too shy or too self-conscious. And so instead of getting my shit together and stop being such an awkward photographer, I decided to share my awkward thoughts here on the blog:

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Camera roll May 2017

My camera roll: May 2017

Celebrating my birthday, leaving on a getaway with Yibo, and yet another eventful month at the office – May was…hectic. I mean, just look at the frequency of blogposts over the past month (2). I was obviously really caught up with work and life, so I guess that means May’s recap is going to be much more juicy! Read more to catch up with what I’ve been up to.

Camera roll May 2017

Nicolette & Alison try to act like they’re in an art gallery admiring Shen’s wall art | SALAD.

Camera roll May 2017

When we had a huge company town hall meeting | MEXICAN FOR LUNCHHH | BURITOOO

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My camera roll: April 2017

At a glance, April seemed like a pretty eventful month. We celebrated Tung’s birthday, had a nice dinner with the gyro fam, sports team dinner at KJ’s house, and took a quick trip to Bangkok with my mum! It also looks like I ate plenty of sinful food, and my salad frequency has sure dropped hahaha (partly because I realised how expensive it costs sigh).

Camera roll april 2017

She’s 12 but still a baby to us | Her rainbow birthday cake | Leftovers from the birthday buffet

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Thoughts of a homebody

Lately I’ve been feeling like between a social life, and personal me-time, I can only choose one.

Like if I were to keep in touch and catch up with all my friends on a regular basis, enjoy frequent quality time with the family, and dedicate some time to spend with the boyfriend, THERE IS NO TIME FOR MYSELF.

I swear I’m not anti-social or anything. In fact, I feel like I’ve become more social in recent years! Perhaps because as I grow older, I actually get to choose the social situations that I get myself into. And I make those decisions while keeping mind of how much me-time I’m leaving myself.

Am I anti-social? Or am I just a stereotypical introvert?

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