Thoughts of a self-conscious / awkward photographer

I am an awkward photographer.

I love taking photos. I’m certainly not a professional, but it’s something I enjoy doing and am passionate about. Especially while I’m travelling, I’ll never be seen without my camera.

I follow so many photographers and professional content creators on Instagram, and I truly enjoy all of their work! Sometimes I wish I could shoot as well as they do. But I’m also too awkward and shy to get the shots I want.

major ragretz.

Most of the time I regret missing out on certain photo opportunities because I was too shy or too self-conscious. And so instead of getting my shit together and stop being such an awkward photographer, I decided to share my awkward thoughts here on the blog:

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Thoughts of a homebody

Lately I’ve been feeling like between a social life, and personal me-time, I can only choose one.

Like if I were to keep in touch and catch up with all my friends on a regular basis, enjoy frequent quality time with the family, and dedicate some time to spend with the boyfriend, THERE IS NO TIME FOR MYSELF.

I swear I’m not anti-social or anything. In fact, I feel like I’ve become more social in recent years! Perhaps because as I grow older, I actually get to choose the social situations that I get myself into. And I make those decisions while keeping mind of how much me-time I’m leaving myself.

Am I anti-social? Or am I just a stereotypical introvert?

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gyro singapore life

What a time to be alive!

gyro singapore life

  I don’t know why people make working life sound so grim, or maybe this is just me being silly and naive as a fresh graduate who hasn’t even been working for a year.

When I was imagining my first job, never did I think I would end up in a workplace that would feel so much like a second home. I also couldn’t have wished for a greater bunch of people to work with. ❤️

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Yibo birthday midnight surprise

Focus on what you can give

Yibo birthday midnight surprise

For Yibo’s birthday this year, I made the spontaneous decision to give him a surprise at his house as the clock struck 12. I even prowled the webs to find where I could get a praline cake, which Yibo has openly declared his love for since late last year.

Quite a few friends have said that he will have to step up his game for my birthday this year, or that now he needs to match up to me because of how much effort I put in for his birthday.

And it got me thinking, why are we keeping score?

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Year of the Rooster!

Hope everyone had a roaring celebration this Year of the Rooster!

CNY for our family was quieter this year, since we’re not supposed to celebrate because of my grandmother’s passing. We still made it a point to make the holiday a family affair anyway. We went through the usual motions, just excluding the 拜年s and giving out of angpaos.

Since I didn’t get to do a gratitude post for my new year post last month, I thought I’d do one as a way of ringing in the Lunar New Year!

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