Summer in Scandinavia outfits

Dressing for the summer in Scandinavia

Forget the Northern Lights, it’s now summer time in Scandinavia. The months of May to July is when you get to experience almost a 24 hours of daylight, plus the Midnight Sun – yep the sun doesn’t set!

Before you imagine summer weather that’s similar to Australia, visiting Scandinavia will remind you that ‘summer’ is just a relative term.

Summer in Scandinavia outfits

While the weather is certainly warmer (no more sub-zero temperatures), that doesn’t mean you won’t shiver! Here’s how you should dress when you’re in Scandinavia in the summer:

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Thoughts of a homebody

Lately I’ve been feeling like between a social life, and personal me-time, I can only choose one.

Like if I were to keep in touch and catch up with all my friends on a regular basis, enjoy frequent quality time with the family, and dedicate some time to spend with the boyfriend, THERE IS NO TIME FOR MYSELF.

I swear I’m not anti-social or anything. In fact, I feel like I’ve become more social in recent years! Perhaps because as I grow older, I actually get to choose the social situations that I get myself into. And I make those decisions while keeping mind of how much me-time I’m leaving myself.

Am I anti-social? Or am I just a stereotypical introvert?

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Highlights of 2016 feature

Highlights of my 2016

highlights of 2016

Didn’t think there was much to mention about the last year, but thinking a little further made me see 2016 differently. I finished my life as a student, graduated, and got my first job! 2016 didn’t seem so negligible after all.

I actually didn’t have any intentions to do one of these new year posts, but I thought it’d be nice to do a little recap to look back at what I’ve done and experienced in 2016. Take it as a reflections/appreciation post for my past year.

So here it is, looking back at my past year – the highlights of my 2016!

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