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Highlights of my 2016

highlights of 2016

Didn’t think there was much to mention about the last year, but thinking a little further made me see 2016 differently. I finished my life as a student, graduated, and got my first job! 2016 didn’t seem so negligible after all.

I actually didn’t have any intentions to do one of these new year posts, but I thought it’d be nice to do a little recap to look back at what I’ve done and experienced in 2016. Take it as a reflections/appreciation post for my past year.

So here it is, looking back at my past year – the highlights of my 2016!

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Healthy start to 2016

Yes. I am that typical girl who starts of the year wanting to exercise, keep fit, eat healthy and all that shit. But I am trying okay, I’m going to try and maintain my newly (sort-of) healthy lifestyle in 2016.

Thanks to my writing job that gave me the chance to review the Yo! Fit Pass & Elixir Juice, which kickstarted my healthy living for 2016. I have had a week of healthy eating so far, thanks to the pass. I’ve also been to some fitness classes and been burning good amount of calories along the way 😉 I’ll see how long this lasts yeah. LOL.

(You can read my review of Yo! Fit on intheLoop here: x)

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