camera roll december 2017

My camera roll: Dec 2017

After bidding December goodbye, we say hello to 2018! The last camera roll post of 2017 is late, but it’s better late than never right? Being the last month of the year and the festive season, December was spent mostly rushing with work, anxiously counting down to the trip, and spending Christmas and New Year’s with Yibo in Europe!

What a month it has been!

Spontaneous steamboat with Shen and (Shen’s) bae | Thought that angle looked nice

Media passes finally! | #werkselfies | At the start line of the SGSM Kid’s Dash

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My camera roll: December 2016

This December felt more festive than any other year, since we’re in the country to celebrate it this year. For one, we finally put up the Christmas tree! Secondly, we’ve had plenty of family time over the last week of the year – gathering over Christmas Day, and going to Malacca for food and shopping.

It’s now 2017 – stepping into my first official year as a working adult. The adulting has been real guys. Here’s to being more disciplined (to stick to my fitness/diet goals), being open to more opportunities, and dedicating more time to friends and family!

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