group travel pros and cons planning tips

Is group travel a good idea for you?

If you didn’t read this already, I spent around two weeks over Christmas and New Year’s travelling across Europe in a large group, with Yibo and his friends. There were 8 of us!!!

flamingo travelling group

It was my first time coordinating such a big trip, and my first time travelling with so many people, so there was a lot of adjusting to do and plenty to get used to.

Throughout the trip, there were many thoughts that crossed my mind, and I managed to come up with a few that might help you decide if travelling in a large group is a good idea!

group travel pros and cons planning tips

Let’s go! (or not?)

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Kensington Palace London Britain

The home of Queen Victoria

Kensington Palace was opened since 1899, and was a favourite royal residence for many successive sovereigns. It was where Queen Victoria was born, spent her childhood, and received notice of her accession.

Although being open to the public for visits, Kensington Palace is still a working Royal residence in London. It contains offices and London residences for many members of the royal family, and the historical parts of the palace are open for visitors.

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