tanuki raw singapore chirashi don

Belated birthdays at Tanuki Raw

Chirashi don is such a crowd favourite among us and so Tanuki Raw was a no-brainer. Plenty of other restaurant on my imaginary list that we have yet to try though! Glad we finally found the time to celebrate Jia and my belated birthdays after weeks of exams and travelling.

Read on for mouthwatering photos of our food hahaha 🍱

tanuki raw singapore chirashi don

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Malacca food diary 2016

What we ate in Malacca

hainanese chicken rice ball Malacca food diary

What do you do in Malacca other than eat? You eat more!

We took a big family trip to Malacca last December, with my grandfather, cousins, and everybody. A great way to spend the end-of-year holidays if you ask me. (Yes I also realise it’s now May.)

Read on for a list of food we ate over our trip. Our tummies were kept very full and happy hehe… Maybe a little too much. #fatdieme

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cruise hurtigruten food dining

What we ate on the Hurtigruten

Buffet spreads during breakfast and lunch, and fine dining every night – it’s no wonder why we ate up a storm onboard the MS Midnatsol cruise of the Hurtigruten fleet. Thankful to have been able to experience life aboard the luxurious Hurtigruten cruise, especially with the glorious spreads over each meal.

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