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Why I don’t miss being a student

While I was still a student, I’ve always had teachers, family members, or colleagues telling me to cherish my time as a student, because I would come to really miss it when I enter the workforce. After being fed with these thoughts/advice over the many years, I inevitably found myself painting a dreary picture of my life after graduation.

Plot twist: I actually don’t miss student life at all.

I remember really struggling with school. In comparison to those days, I enjoy what I have now wayyyyyy more.

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How to survive an outdoor shoot in Singapore

Being finally free from school (potentially forever..?), calls for a commemoratory event like a graduation photoshoot with the friends.

These are the guys I’ve stuck with through the 3 years in NUS – going through multiple school projects, quick lunches at Deck, sitting in boring/interesting lectures, reminding each other to bid for modules, etc. and eventually graduating together now!

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