Hong Kong Diary 2016

Hong Kong diary – June 2016

Let’s do one final #throwback to the trip Brenda and I took last July! I thought we did a pretty decent job at exploring the place and ticking off as many attractions as we could!

Aside from the many photos we took, I also shot plenty of footage along our trip. I’ve been working on this video since friggin September and yes procrastination and hectic schedules led me to only post it now hahaha. Show the video some love, and read on to find out what we did in Hong Kong!

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London City Walking Tour Guide

Exploring London on foot

 I spent a day with Yibo and my Contiki buddies walking through central London, exploring Piccadilly Circus > Leicester Square > Trafalgar Square > Primark on foot.

I assure you it was completely fine walking through the streets of London in the cool-breezy summer. Wear comfortable shoes though! 🙂 Anyway, I enjoyed just walking and taking random photos of London’s cityscape. It’s an easy walk through the 4 destinations, maximum 15 minutes!

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