Why cruising is the best way to travel Norway

You can travel Norway by car, train, or even plane. You can also travel across the country on a cruise, which allows you to witness the breathtaking landscapes and fjords of this largely coastal nation.

Over the Scandinavian summer in June, my family and I enjoyed a 6D5N voyage with the Hurtigruten, Norway’s most iconic cruise, from the port of Kirkenes to Bergen. While it wasn’t the ‘road trip by the fjords’ I had pictured for Norway, the entire voyage proved to be just as breathtaking and memorable.

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Brighton UK holiday

10 things to do when in Brighton

This is a major #throwback to my brief day in Brighton during my summer exchange in London last July. It was a beautiful summer’s day, with the occasional cool breeze from the sea. I’ve seen so much of Brighton on YouTube, and I was really excited to be there in person.

I only had a day to explore this beautiful seaside city, and I would love to make another trip to Brighton in the near future to truly experience life there.

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Great Ocean Road trip tips

Tips to take on the Great Ocean Road

I’ve been making mental notes while on the trip about the things one should have on a road trip, and what really got us through the trip. This list is definitely not exhaustive, but I hope it helps somebody!

These tips also probably apply to anywhere else where you’re having a road trip, but I’ve written this specific to our experience on the Great Ocean Road 🙂

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